Happy Bank Holiday & A Cookie Cocktail


I woke up at 5.30 this morning, on my own accord. Now, I’m used to getting up early but this was a new record. Nonetheless, the sun is starting to break through (yes, sun) and there’s a nice spring chill in the air as I open my window, so I roll with it. It’s a bank holiday here in England, and my parents have the whole week off which means I’ll be pretty much spending all my free time with them so I cherished the few hours I had alone this morning, in bed with a coffee.

It sounds good so far, yes? It starts going downhill when I arrive at the shopping centre to do some birthday gift searching and get instantly stressed out by the level of careless shoppers and the 2 hours wasted in the travel agents (my parents are attempting to book a cruise but to no avail). I then get home, to do all of my ironing and feel my eyes starting to droop, alarmingly, with the hot iron still in my hand. I abandon and go for a mid-afternoon nap, wake to find my make-up smeared across my white sheets, and then eat my whole body weight in buffet food my mother has put on.

By this time, I am grumpy from the nap and being overfed. It’s now 8pm, and after discovering that Game of Thrones has been stalled for a week, my mother is also getting restless so she declares a cocktail hour. I don’t drink, but my mood is instantly improved at the thought of playing wizard with the drinks cupboard so I go-a-raidin’. Mother wants something smooth and chocolately (guess who I get my sweet tooth from), so I fish out the Irish caramel whisky and the creme de cocoa and head to the kitchen. I took a sip and, boy, smooth and chocolately it was.

Tastes like you’ve blended a whole tin of chocolate chip cookies and drizzled over some caramel. Need I convince you any more? Happy bank holidaying!



  • 50ml Irish Caramel Cream (OR Baileys and a dash of caramel sauce)
  • A dash of creme de cocoa liqueur (I used Bols)
  • Lots of ice

1) Pour the Irish cream into a cocktail shaker, and top with a long dash of creme de cocoa.

2) Shake to the soundtrack of La Bamba.

3) Pour over lots of ice and serve.

This serves one so just remember to double (or triple, or whatever) the recipe according to how many you’re serving!





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