Beer Cocktails & The Weekend


My parents booked the week off, and it’s been a busy one to say the least. We’ve adventured on my dad’s magical mystery tour and ended up in Ludlow, browsing the quaint little shops and lunchin’ on fish, chips and mushy peas, we’ve caught up on many tv series, and took a trip to the cinema. Not only this but I’ve had quite the week at work, from serving the raging alcoholics who came to see a charity comedy gala into the early hours of the morning, to shows about cartoon pigs and sombreo-wearing potatoes. I am exhausted, hence the lack of actual baking but I’ll be back on the ball next week, I promise.


It’s safe to say I deserve this afternoon/evening of peace and there is no better way than with a brew, a big chunky knit and a roaring fire in the garden outside our summer house. Fridays and Saturdays are a celebrated thing with my parents, It’s their chance to rewind with a few drinks and an Indian feast and it’s so rooted into our weekly routine that I don’t remember the last time this didn’t happen.


Through a cloud of vanilla flavoured tabacco, it’s my dads turn to claim cocktail hour. He’s not one for cocktails. He’s strictly beer, ale and whisky but after seeing a recipe for a Dr Pepper flavoured beer concoction he wanted to try, I set to work. It got the thumbs up, and after taking a sip myself it did taste like that unusual peppery flavoured soft drink, but with much more of an almondy kick.



  •  1 can Fosters
  •  25ml amaretto
  • a good glug of Pepsi

1) In a (very large) tankard, pour in 25ml of amaretto

2) Next, add a generous amount of Pepsi

3) Pour in the Fosters and give it a quick stir to combine the flavours. Serve!



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