Three Little Bears/ A Breakfast for Summer


Good morning little muffins, I hope you’re all doing mighty fine and you should be because it’s SUNNY. This is obviously a rare occurrence in the UK so I like to take full advantage of it from the second I get up on a morning. This often includes throwing open my window, lighting some fruity summer time candle (rhubarb crumble don’t ya know), and going to sit in the sunshine with a cup of green tea and my breakfast. There’s nothing better, and it definitely starts my day off in the right direction. It’s good for my soul, it’s good for yours too so you all need to get your arses out of bed and stop being so lazy.


I find that my diet improves dramatically in the summer months. I say summer months like we actually get a summer, what I mean is that is improves dramatically whenever it’s nice outside. I snack on mountains of fruit, munch fresh salads by the truck load and eat plenty of oily fish. Obviously it’s not all like this because warm sunshine equals ice cream, but at least it’s ice cream and not a whole sponge pudding fit for the likes of winter.


Breakfasts follow the same process here. Oatmeal will always be my go-to, and a firm favourite, but a steaming bowl of porridge is not something my body craves when I’m already being roasted from the outside-in. Sunny weather calls for chilled chia puddings, granola in ice cold almond milk, and fruity yogurt parfaits. Fruity yogurt parfaits is exactly what my stomach was calling out for this morning and after a night out of non-stop dancing, a big hearty breakfast was exactly what was needed.


I constructed mine from a couple of large tablespoons of natural yogurt, an assortment of berries (strawberries and blueberries), an apple, a few coconut granola clusters and a couple of grilled apricots. I can’t really eat stoned fruits as there are. My teeth are quite sensitive so I always find the flesh too harsh on them and especially when they’ve been sitting in the fridge and then I get the added bonus of the cold against them too. I wasn’t going to let this stop me eating them though, apricots and peaches are some of my favourite fruit, so after popping them under the grill for about 10 minutes I found that they were a lot softer so I could continue to eat them. There’s something about warmed fruit that I find quite indulgent too, and I recommend you do this if you’re going to be making your own yogurt bowl this morning.

Top with a generous dash of cinnamon, or squirt on some natural honey and you’re all set!



  • apricots, de stoned and halved
  • 4/5 strawberries, sliced
  • apple, cored and sliced
  • a good handful of blueberries
  • a good handful of granola clusters
  • 2/3 heaped tablespoons of your choice of yogurt
  • cinnamon/honey/agave/ etc to top

1) Preheat your grill to the highest setting and place the halved apricots flesh side up on a tray. Grill on this side for about 5 minutes.

2) After the 5 minutes, turn them over and grilled for another 5/10 minutes according to your preference. Remove from the oven to cool slightly when done.

3) Meanwhile, layer the rest of the fruit in a bowl and top with the grilled fruit halves. Pour in the yogurt, sprinkle on your granola and then top with lots and lots of cinnamon or whatever else you choose to have. Simple!


Go and make the most of the sun whilst it’s still here!


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