Cosford Food Festival 2014


Just a quickie to tell you why I have been absent for the last week, and what I’ve been up to. Basically my parents have had a holiday from work and we’ve been making the most of this glorious weather with BBQs galore.

On Monday we went for a beautiful walk in Kinver woods and then came home to mountain of burgers, sausages, chicken skewers and fresh salad to set ourselves up for a couple of days in Wales to see my granddad. He lives in a lovely little place called Devils Bridge, not to far from Aberystwyth, in the mountains by a waterfall which you can imagine is all very quaint (if you have the weather!) We had a typical day at the seaside on Wednesday, complete with fish and chips and a Greek yogurt ice cream to finish.

Today we visited RAF Cosford Food Festival, and at only £5 adult admission you can’t really grumble. It’s a scorcher today, so it’s perfect for a nice family outing full of good food, drink, live music and a few planes to satisfy my dads inner child. It’s set over two days, today and tomorrow, and the price of the ticket includes access to all of the aviation collections which we took full advantage of. Not only this but there are lots of talks and demonstrations on (we caught a glimpse of Channel 4’s ‘The Taste’ chef James Sherwin), a tips and tasters tent, a flypast from the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Dakota, performances from the RAF Voluntary Band and Anthony Doyle, activities to keep the kids occupied, and of course all of these exhibitors.


Obviously you have to sample the lot, and I’m not going to go into too much detail here because we’ll be all night but here are some of my highlights!

  • The fine selection of fruit vinegars (the raspbery one is fantastic, I only can’t praise it enough) presented by a fabulous pink-haired lady at the Landgirls Cookery School
  • All the honey coated nuts, olives, feta and pistachio rolled baklava over at MedFoods
  • The Thai Green Curry kit that I desperately wish I purchased from the lovely woman at Padian Far Eastern Cooking. Honestly, it was beautiful. Super hot, but beautiful.
  • Everything, EVERYTHING, being sold at The Tipsy Tart. They infuse liqueurs with the most delicious flavours and provided tasters in gin and vodka. I tried the cucumber and mint infused gin which was surprisingly sweet yet still very refreshing, the peach vodka and also the rose vodka which was my favourite by far. It tasted like liquid Turkish Delight and I thoroughly wish I had treated myself to a bottle. If anyone wishes to buy me the whole lot then please, don’t let me stop you. Bravo, Tipsy Tart, bravo.


  • If you’re planning on going to Shrewsbury anytime soon then please visit Eat Up. Everything from the decor, the drinks and obviously the food is marvellous and I recommend it to everyone. The roasted portobello mushroom and blue cheese bagel is a must. Anyway, this little orange wonder is provided by Eat Up and served coffee and fresh pastries from it’s boot.


  • I first witnessed these beauties at the Good Food Show a few months ago in Birmingham. They’re a sight for sore eyes, honestly, they’re too pretty to eat. The Little Round Cake Company‘s products range from ‘tweeners’ (those adorable tiny layer cakes) to tarts, brownies and their own brand of ‘merangz’ and the lemon ones looked too good to be true.


  • This impressive display from Swifts Bakery. Words won’t do this justice so just stare at those photos for a few minutes. Yup.


  • I actually saw people bring their own packed lunch, one included a very sad looking floppy sandwich which just completely baffled me. I’m all about saving costs but come on, you’re at a food festival. If you’re wondering where my meal came from today then it would be from the fantastically named House of Hummus. They’re a husband and wife duo who ride around the country in a cute van and supply the general public with yummy goodness. I went with the grazing box which came with two choices of hummus (broad bean and a red pepper one), fresh salad, slaw, olives, a dressing of choice (pepper!) and a warm toasted pita bread. I also added falafel to mine for an extra pound but it was all worth it. It was exactly what my body craved after being trapped in the sun for 4 hours and was definitely worth the £7 I paid for it all. Thanking you kindly Hummus Kind and Queen.


  • Above are the goodies that we came away with. This cheese is amazing, like an actual God-send. I really, really like cheese, literally all of it. I don’t understand people that don’t like cheese, what is wrong with you? Fools. We’ve had cheese from the Snowdonia Cheese Company before, it was last Christmas in fact and it was their best seller called ‘The Little Black Bomber’. I thought that was the best I’d eaten (you can try it there) but then I tasted this which is a mature cheddar infused with whisky and lord, it is glorious. I can’t really drive the point home anymore so I suggest you try it. I also sampled the ‘Red Devil’ which is a chilli pepper laced Red Leicester Cheese and also the ‘Green Thunder’ (mature cheddar with garlic and herbs) which were also very good.


  • Last and by no means least are these objects from heaven. I’M SO SORRY but I can’t, for the life of me, remember the name of the bakery that these were bought from and they’re also not down on the exhibitors list so I am distraught, clearly. If you do visit tomorrow, then please do let me know (they’re situated next to The Cherry Tree exhibit in the far right corner, by the demo stage). They are no words to describe the array of products these guys were displaying. Products ranged from focaccia the size of man holes, giant cream filled glazed doughnut rolls, oreo slab cakes, beautiful sandwiches, apple and cinnamon muffins that I actually think were larger than my head, and a Belgian bun mountain. I think this description alone is enough to go and visit the festival. We initially bought an almond twist, which isn’t pictured because we spilt into three and scoffed it before I could whip out my camera but it was the largest, flakiest, buttery twist I’ve ever seen and eaten in my life, and it was topped with a sugar glaze and a generous amount of almonds.

I went with the cherry and custard ring of joy for my treat (which I will be gradually eating over the next few days as it is that big). I haven’t tasted it yet but look at it, just look it. The pastry feels light to touch and the scent from that cherry jam makes me want to bath in it. The custard is an added bonus. Obviously. After the high we felt from consuming the almond twist, my mother went back to by the chocolate version that she’ll be spiting with Daddy G over the course of a week (or a day).


So there we go, that’s my week reviewed and my ‘quick update’ has now turned into an essay. I can’t recommend the Cosford Food Festival enough, I really can’t, and it’s been such a perfect day out. The festival continues tomorrow and I’m sure you can spare £5 for the admission fee (if you get the train, you can even get a free park and ride from the station!) I guarantee you’ll have a fabulous time!


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