Adventures In Plymouth Part 1/ Flavour Fest


Hello guys! I’m really sorry for my absence but August is always a busy month for me. For one, it’s the month of my birthday so I tend to have a few trips and days out planned and one place I have been visiting is Plymouth to see my bestie, Sophie, as she lives there for uni. This has been my fourth visit and It’s a place I never want to leave, I love it so much, and this week was no exception.

We pretty much planned the whole week around what we were going to eat, and eat we did! From getting ourselves into cake comas, eating pizza for breakfast and sampling local delights at a food festival, it’s safe to say we indulged. We’ll be here all day if I wrote about everything we did so I’m going to spilt my adventure into a couple of posts, and today I’m going to focus on the Flavour Fest, which is the South West’s largest food and drink festival.

I always get overly excited at the thought of roaming around different exhibits and getting to try their products, be it the 3973948748 jam and chutney stores or the cheese tents. We took full advantage and tried the majority of samples, because you’d be mad not to so here are some of my highlights.


  • These delicious looking cakey bits from Truly Treats, a Devon based family-run bakery. They were offering a choice of four (rather large!) slices of cake for a cheap and cheerful £6.50 and they all looked divine. Their carrot cake and rich tea loaf have both won awards but the look of the raspberry ripple cake would of definitely been on my list.



  • All the boozy treats at Cornish Cream, especially the strawberry and cream liqueur which is what I purchased for my mother. I will inevitably be stealing it though because it’s a beautiful flavour, not too overpowering or sickly sweet. They also make ‘Cornish Nevek’ (a white chocolate liqueur) and ‘Cornish Dream’ (a fudgey version)  and were so good for the price! My little bottle, complete with a box of fudge was only £4.99, which is a complete bargain. Not only do they specialize in liqueurs, but also cider, ales, wines, tea & coffee, and even make their own cream tea hampers. CREAM TEA HAMPERS.
  • I’ve sampled many jams before, mostly at these food festivals but my favourite will always be the products made by The Cherry Tree. I found a new love this time around in the form of passion fruit curd.


  • So you can’t really go down South and not have fudge and you can’t get better than this fudge. I’ve tried a lot in the past, and don’t get me wrong I do really like it, but I find a lot of it overbearingly sweet. This is from Cottage Confectionery, a Devon based business, and it’s honestly some of the best I’ve tasted. They had 4 different flavours on offer, this chocolate orange, christmas pudding, chocolate brownie and rum and raisin. Each one tasted exactly as advertised, especially the chocolate as it tasted more like you were biting into a rich piece of brownie then it did fudge, and the texture of it was even better. I picked the chocolate orange selection for my dad.


  • Everything at the Field & Kitchen stand, from these adorable cake mixes that varied from double chocolate and marshmallow brownies, cranberry and white chocolate cookies, and superfood slices, to the street food they were making fresh in front of you. Sophie chose this as her place for lunch and went with the slow cooked lamb flatbread which came with slaw salad, greek yogurt and a chilli sauce, but other choices were smokey BBQ pulled pork bap and chickpea falafel. She claimed to be in a relationship with it so I think she enjoyed it!


  • Which brings me to my lunch, and I am devastated because in the excitement of food I forgot to take picture of the store I bought it from. This, ladies and gents, is one of the best meals I’ve ever eaten. There are actually no words for how good this was. This was the Persian chicken wrap from the guys at The World Food Cafe, who I can’t seem to find a link to which is a crying shame. It consisted of shredded chicken, salad bits I’ve never even seen before, all drizzled in tzatziki and sweet chilli sauce. It was all then wrapped up in a warm flatbread and took me at least half an hour to eat it was that large. I can’t praise this enough.


  • All of the above at Shaldon Bakery, another Devon based bakery. Everything they had to offer (i.e, the lardy cake, flapjacks, chocolate coated flake cakes, chelsea buns etc!) looked expertly crafted and I honestly wanted to buy everything. I decided, however, to go with their own creation the ‘Uglibun’ which is that beauty up there. I can’t really describe how good this was, but it was super soft and dotted with mixed fruit, cinnamon swirls and brown sugar and went very well with my cuppa. It’s that good it even has it’s own appreciation society and twitter account.


  • The whole tent at Get Cupcaked was a highlight for me, visually. If something looks good, I’m probably going to buy it, and everything on offer looked beautiful. Their cupcakes were pristine, and came in flavours like ‘American Waffle’, ‘Toffee’ (complete with rolo!), and ‘Cookies and Cream’ and further research shows yet more flavours like ‘Pina Colada’, and a ‘Cream Tea’ one too. They also sold brownies, slabs of millionaire’s shortbread, GIANT cookies, and also a brownie cake which the very thought of makes me salivate. However, the obvious choice here was to purchase the ‘small’ gingerbread which I snacked on one evening with a cup of tea. It was incredibly soft but still retained a bite which is exactly what I want from a gingerbread, and the icing was the perfect consistency and sweetness. The one thing I would criticise is a thing of personal preference, and I only wished that it had more of a fiery kick but other than that it was a very good biscuit. PLEASE SEND ME EVERYTHING YOU MAKE.



I’ll conclude now, as my fingers hurt and my belly is a grumbling but I can’t wait to tell you about the rest of my holiday so I’ll carry on writing as soon as I can so farewell my loves, and I hope you’re enjoying your summer thus far!


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