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Hey guys, just a quick post today as I’m busy preparing for my weekend away in London. My friend, Amy, is whisking me away for a couple of days and we’ll be visiting the Cake & Bake show so expect a very long and sweet filled essay regarding that next week.

Anyway, sometimes I get this severe craving for sweet things after my evening meal. This usually occurs around 7pm, and it’s most likely fuelled by whatever food related programme I’m watching on tv (damn you Bake Off, damn you). It usually involves something warm, something comforting and incredibly chocolatey and gooey. I guarantee this will happen every single night but It’s not often I give into it, I’ll just go to bed feeling a sense of loss for the pudding I’ve been dreaming of. There are a few reasons why I don’t comply to my tummy growling, one being that if I listened to the calls of my stomach all the time I’d be the size of a small house. The second is that I can’t be bothered to make anything because, as you all know, baking isn’t instant. BUT ALAS, the light came on in my head and I suddenly remembered the ongoing list of mug and microwaveable cakes that I had stored in my recipe box. I can adapt them to make them slightly healthier, and they take all of about a minute to cook. Bingo.

I can’t go a day without something peanutty, I try to but it never works so obviously out came the spread. I received this Hotel Chocolat peanut chocolate spread the other day and I’ve been seriously dying to try it. It’s stopped selling now but they also do a range of other chocolate spreads, such as Hazlenut and Salted Caramel (oh god) which would also work! I may be biased here but this product is marvellous, and contains a whopping 49% peanut paste. Despite this high percentage it isn’t overpowering and is, in fact, very subtle. It’s incredibly smooth and the chocolate is rich but not sickly and makes a good sauce in my microwavable mess.


It came in a 150g pot, which is the equivalent of 10 servings. Serving sizing isn’t a term my brain finds compatible and they don’t usually stop me from devouring half the jar in one sitting, but this is something I want to make last so I only used about a tablespoon and it really provided me with that hit I was craving so much. Well done.

Now, I must apologise for the unsightly photographs of my puddings but there is just no way on this planet that you can make a microwave mug cake presentable. No way at all. I could of saved it’s dignity slightly by presenting it in it’s mug, but no one wants to see my novelty cup collection. I substituted the usual calorie dense ingredients such as butter and sugar for apple sauce and natural honey and used semi skilled milk instead of whole (you can make it even better by using a nut milk, but unfortunately I am not well stocked at the moment). Despite looking rubbish, it tastes spectacular considering it only takes a whole 60 seconds to cook, obviously you might have to alter the time by a few seconds based on the power of your microwave but the magic is it doesn’t matter that much because there’s no eggs involved. No one’s dying here tonight.

I had mine with a banana because bananas are badass, but I understand it’s not the standard pudding combination so have it with whatever you want. Ice cream would be a good choice.




  • 1/4 cup plain flour
  • tablespoons dark cocoa powder
  • tablespoons honey
  • 1/4 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1/4 milk, at room temperature
  • tablespoons unsweetened apple sauce
  • tablespoon Hotel Chocolat’s peanut chocolate spread

1) In a small bowl, whisk the flour, cocoa powder, honey, and baking powder until there are no traces of flour or cocoa left. Thoroughly mix.

2) Pour in the milk and apple sauce and whisk until smooth. If you’re usually a chunky apple sauce it obviously won’t be smooth, but just ensure that the rest of the batter isn’t grainy.

3) Scoop the batter into a straight cup (to ensure an even bake) and then place a tablespoon of the peanut chocolate spread into the middle. Press it down with the back of a spoon until it is level with the rest of the mix.

4) Blast in the microwave for 1 minute and leave to cool slightly before tipping out. We don’t want burnt mouths!

5) Serve how you wish. I had mine with 1 chopped banana and then sprinkled with cinnamon.


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