Treacle Tart


I am having a big pastry dilemma, as you can see. It cracked, it shrunk slightly whilst being blind baked, basically it’s a mess. Even more of a mess since I took these photographs as I may have accidentally sunk my elbow into the side of it. But what matters is that it tastes good, I promise.

I think the running theme for the last months have been about comfort. I’ve wrote that word a lot in my last few posts but there’s not much else that matters when you’re cold and ill. The smell and taste of treacle is a thing of childhood memories, I remember having a hot syrup sponge pudding after every Christmas dinner because I never used to want anything else. My palette has developed a little more now I’m older, but I still have fond memories of sticky, liquid gold so today’s recipe comes in the form of a rather rough and ready treacle tart. I subbed some of the golden syrup for honey and stem ginger syrup for a slightly more complex taste but it’s still as heart-warming as I remember it. I always prefer it warmed up with a huge scoop of vanilla ice cream on top so I suggest you do too!



  • pie shell, home or ready made
  • 190g golden syrup
  • 190g honey
  • 2-3 tablespoons stem ginger syrup
  • slices slightly stale wholemeal bread
  • juice of lemon
  • balls of stem ginger, chopped
  • eggs

1) Preheat the oven to 200C. Roll out the pastry on a slightly floured surface and line a fluted pie pan (3 cm deep and 23cm wide). Leave any overhanging pastry as it shrinks when it bakes. Chill for 30 minutes.

2) Place a layer of baking parchment in the pie case and weigh down with baking beans. Pop into the oven for 15-20 minutes or until a pale golden colour. Carefully trim off the edges with a knife. Lower the temperate to 160C

3) Meanwhile, blitz the bread until you get breadcrumbs. Combine with the syrup, honey, stem ginger , stem ginger syrup, lemon, and the eggs until thoroughly combined and pour into the tart case when ready.

4) Bake for 55 minutes until a deep golden colour. Leave to cool until warm to touch and serve with vanilla ice cream.


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