Kitchen Nightmares/ Mendl’s Courtesan au Chocolat


I’ve had a very bad baking week. Very, very bad.

My other half has been over this week, so I’m just going to put it down that I can’t function in the kitchen with other people. It’s happened before, I just just lose the knack. I forget all baking knowledge. It’s genuinely like I’ve never turned on an oven before. We made a cake, A CAKE, and that went horrendously. It took an hour and 30 minutes to cook and it looked atrocious. It tasted great. but aesthetically it was terrible. To prove a point, and to fit in my Bake Off bakealong, we decided to make religieuse which, yes, is a little bit more complicated than a sponge cake. Only a little bit because, you know, it only took an entire day.

We decided to make a Courtesan au Chocolat which is a parody on the religieuse and made famous by Grand Budapest Hotel. If you haven’t seen it, get on it. I should tell you here that I’ve never made choux pastry before, clearly a disaster waiting to happen. To cut a long story short it was going swimmingly until the icing (swimmingly if you don’t count forgetting the butter, having to go to the shop, and then finding out I didn’t have any piping bags left). I cannot tell you what happened but it went so badly wrong and the icing has either left the pastry entirely or absorbed every last drop so our beautiful choux was now very soggy. It was 8pm at the point, having started at 11am and left for work in-between, we were now getting pretty tired of the things and went to bed.


Fast forward to the next morning and I think, stuff it, and cover them with chocolate. We should of done this 12 hours before. They now look considerably better but they’re still an ugly sight but after 24 hours we made it. And they taste pretty good!





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