Nadiya’s Lemon Drizzle Cake… kind of


I’m just putting this out there right now, just in case I have another marvellous idea, no one let me make marshmallow fondant ever EVER again.

If you’re ever wondering why (you’re probably not) why I don’t make these beautifully intricate, perfectly iced and decorated cakes is because I can’t. I just can’t. I know all these people are like, oh yeah you can do anything if you put your mind to it, well no. No. I have tried, don’t get me wrong, tried and tried all over again and I can just about make a Victoria Sponge look okay. That’s as far as it goes. Don’t you all go commenting on how lovely everything looks because you’re all liars and I don’t believe you because I KNOW so don’t rub it in. I upload these photos with regret, honestly.

I made this for my Momma’s birthday cause she loves a lemon drizzle. We were watching the Bake Off finale last week and I suddenly had this Class A idea to make Nadiya’s version of it, which was spectacular. I knew mine wasn’t going to look like hers because I had no intention of making it look that good, let’s face it, it wasn’t going to happen. I was 100% up for making marshmallow fondant though because I once ate a wedding cake with marshmallow fondant and it was the best icing I’ve ever tasted. I don’t even like icing. It was great.

Fast forward a little and it was all going wonderfully until said icing. I’d made a tip notch two-tiered lemon drizzle as well as some lemon buttercream and, not gonna lie, I was already practising my flattered face. Clearly I had jinxed myself. I’ve honestly never, in all of my life, seen my kitchen in such a state. I’m usually quite a tidy baker and I clean as a go along, but I was so appalled that I could of sat down in the middle of it all and wept. NADIYA, HOW YOU MAKE IT LOOK SO EASY?! Marshmallow was stuck to everything, including my face, and there was icing sugar coating every single surface possible. The air itself had turned to powdered sugar, I could feel it. I re-rolled the whole thing about 10 times as it kept sticking to the counter and then finally had enough and threw it onto the cake and hoped for the best.


Those little wrinkles on the side? Yeah, those are where I stabbed it repeatedly with my fingers and tried to smooth it over. Those little paper roses? Those are covering the patchwork botch-job bits I couldn’t save. However Mum came home and was genuinely impressed with it, like for real, and most importantly it tastes crazy good. If I do say so myself.


Recipe for Nadiya’s Lemon Cake is here, because you might make a better job of it!


4 thoughts on “Nadiya’s Lemon Drizzle Cake… kind of

  1. “Don’t you all go commenting on how lovely everything looks because you’re all liars and I don’t believe you because I KNOW so don’t rub it in. I upload these photos with regret, honestly.”
    This whooooole post is absolutely hilarious! But this sentence right here CRACKS ME UP!!!

    Happy belated birthday Jenn’s mom!
    She’s a real treat (no pun intended) 😀 😀

  2. It looks great and you’ve inspired me to make this cake too – I’ve never made marshmallow fondant and it all sounds so delicious. I’ll have some flowers ready too… Great story! 🙂

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