Christmas Cake/ part two


Happy stir-up Sunday!

Today is the day when you traditionally make and steam your Christmas puds, and everyone in the family takes turns stirring it. You’re meant to stir it East to West to represent the journey made by the three wise men and then you make a wish. HOWEVER, my family prefer cake.

I always make my cake the weekend before advent, I usually make it on the Sunday butttt I have a job to go to today. I also had a job to go to yesterday so I managed to fit making this beast in when I got home at 5.30pm last night. Cue sitting in front of the oven at 10pm last night waiting for the whole thing to end because it was past my bed time.


My go-to recipe is from Delia’s Cakes, or you can find it online here. This year I’ll be topping mine with apricots, glacé cherries, brazils nuts and glazing with an apricot glaze so I left out the stage where she tops it with almonds.


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