Nectarine Turnovers


I cannot tell you how much fruit is in the fridge right now. There’s a lot, lets juts put it that way. To be honest, there was a little more last week but I have managed to eat some of that but i’m being deafted. I don’t want it to go off, obviously, but I am struggling to plough through it. I had a whole punnet of nectarines just waiting to be devoured but I couldn’t face it so I did the next best thing and baked them into something a bit more yummy. Don’t get me wrong, I do like nectarines very much but after 5 they all start to taste a bit… samey?

I came across this delicious recipe by The Kitchen Whisperer not too long ago and saved it in my archives for a rainy day. Or a day when I had too many nectarines. Today’s the day.







Followed the original recipe to a T so you can pop over to The Kitchen Whisperer’s blog to have a look!


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