My Top 4 Favourite Snacks

I never, ever used to snack. I used to believe in three solid meals a day and those three solid meals were filling enough to keep me going until the next time. In reality, I was actually pretty hungry in between those meals but I used to be a girl who never listened to her body. Fast forward a year or so and I now I am the snack queen, carrying around protein bars and bananas around in my bag like it’s no one’s business. If you have my Instagram you’d see all the little treats I have every now and again. I like to try new things so you’ll find me scrolling through the Holland & Barrett website looking for all the reduced Clif bars and whipping out all the vouchers I’ve accumulated. Last month I got £40 worth of snacks for £26.50.

After getting a few questions about all the treats you’ll find me shoving my face full of just before work, or after work, or 10 minutes after lunch so I thought I’d write up a quick post for y’all. Most of them you can pick up on-the-go but there are a couple I like to make at home too.


So, I don’t usually have this big of a snack. I pretty much always have this for breakfast but if I’ve worked out then I’ll have it as a post-workout meal. Anything on toast is a winner for me. We buy Burgen’s Soya and Linseed loaf (the only loaf for us) because it’s super tasty and it’s really high in fibre and calcium too. You need a great foundation before you build the rest of the house, right? You can pretty much top toast with most things. My favourite is peanut butter and banana, sprinkled with cocoa nibs and cinnamon but strawberries are another great addition. My top three peanut butters are Meridian Smooth, Pip & Nut and Morrison’s Own 100% Peanut Butter. They’re all natural and don’t contain other ingredients, especially no palm oil! If you’re more of a savoury dude then mashed avocado with chilli flakes or just plain and simple with beans and feta (Sainsburys vegan feta is the one).

These things are my favourite protein bars. I will still eat all the other varieties but they don’t quite hit the sides like these do. They’re great for a refuel, especially after a hard workout but if, like me, you’re not too fond of cycling up a mountain (or any other extreme) they’re still good after a long day on your feet. Some of my shifts are spaced over lunchtime so packing one of these in my bag to nibble on after does the trick. They taste amazing and the texture is spot-on (almost between a flapjack and a dense cake). You would never know you were getting all those nutrients (the dreaded b12, hands up if your vegan!). Flavours include peanut butter, chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin and walnut, chocolate almond fudge, white chocolate macadamia and the new coconut and chocolate chip. You can find them at most health stores and Boots have started selling them too. Priced around £1.70

Houmous goes with sooo much so I couldn’t narrow it down to one option. It’s on our shopping list every single week and i’ll get through a pot, sometimes two, in that time. I used to take carrot sticks and houmous with my lunch all the time, but sometimes a stray cucumber and some salty pretzels would make it into the mix too. Now we have it with falafel (cauldron falafel), pitta bread, dolloped on salad and crackers, of course. Most crackers will do but I recently bought this rosemary flatbreads by Crosta & Mollica (£1.50 from Waitrose at the moment) and they’re so nice. The flavour of the rosemary ones are beautiful and they’re so light. I definitely prefer having these to bread by a long shot. Flying Tiger’s rye crackers (£2) are also really good.

Or puffed chickpeas. They taste like Wotsits (cheesy puffs) but, hallelujah, they’re better for you. They’re gluten free and vegan with no nasties, in fact they’re high in protein, full of fibre and around 91 calories per bag. I found them about a year ago in Boots, soul searching for the right meal deal. They come in bright yellow packaging and have really cool names like far out fajita. Other flavours include pepper powerin herbs we trust, sweet & smokin’ and the new cheese & love. You can also find them in Holland & BarrettWaitrose, SuperdrugWH SmithWholefoods, and Ocado at around £1.19.


Other favourites/

melon, mango and pineapple packs from M&S, raw peanuts and cashews, popcorn, mixed seeds, pistachios, Raw Health Energy balls and bars, dark chocolate rice cakes, gianduja bombes from Hotel Chocolat.

Do you guys have any favourite snack ideas? I’d love to hear them in the comments below!


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