Review/ Zizzi’s New Vegan Sticky Chocolate & Date Torte

Chris and I visited the Worcester branch of Zizzi’s on Friday to celebrate our weekly date night, or date day in this case! We’re still newbies where Zizzi’s is concerned as we only started eating there around September time last year. If you haven’t visited yet then make a date there immediately, it’s so good. We don’t tend to visit chains very often because I’d prefer to put my money into an independent business (more local, more seasonal) BUT sometimes it just isn’t possible for whatever reason.

Zizzi’s is a wonderful place though, they do great Italian-style food, drinks are good and the decor, especially in Worcester, is very striking. It has a Victorian-esque theme to reflect the surrounding buildings of Worcester but is complemented with very modern twists. We always feel relaxed here, but we did ask to be moved this time as it was prime-time for grandparent/kiddie dates (I’ve seen the children’s menu and, fyi, it’s great!)

We always get good value for money when eating out here. You get decent size portions (especially the rustica pizzas) and they don’t scrimp on flavour. You can also get quite a few offers when you sign up too. On friday they were offering a three-course set weekend menu for £15.95 but they also do a three-course set lunch menu during the week too. We opted for just a main and a dessert this time. I don’t know about everyone else but starters fill me up too much, especially before a very carb-y main meal, and we haven’t had pudding for so long so it was decided. I’d heard about the new vegan dessert through instagram and I knew straight away I’d be getting that. I’ve found that since starting a vegan diet that good desserts are very hard to come by and I often get stuck with sorbet (which I enjoy but not ALL the time) or I have to wait to go home to have something sweet.

I’ll skim over the main because that’s not what we’re here for! Chris opted for the Prosciutto Fresca Rustrica Pizza which had a white base and came with figs, caramlised onions, mozzarella, pea shoots, and smoked garlic oil. He’s got this a few times and he polished it off without so much of a crumb left which is a good review in itself. I chose the Vegan Margarita Rustica Pizza with caramelised onions, mushrooms and spinach. It tasted really lovely and you wouldn’t of been able to tell that it was dairy-free. The balsamic onions are a must as well. However, I will say that the bases on the vegan pizza could do with a little thickening up. The vegan ‘mozzarella’ is very runny and I found that because the base is so thin in the middle it started to disintegrate if you didn’t eat it quick enough. Still really tasty though!

So onto the starring role of our meal. Dessert. I am one of those people that will judge a place on it’s quality of pudding, and I will be looking at the sweet menu before the main. I will always pick a dessert over a starter. I will never understand people that don’t. Just sayin’.

Zizzi’s offer two choices of vegan dessert at the moment. One is, you guessed it, sorbet and the other is the new Sticky Chocolate and Date Torte. The sorbet flavours are chocolate and coconut, strawberry and lemon and you can get a prosecco and passion fruit coulis or caramelised pecans to go with it for an extra £1. Whilst they sound delightful, I was here for the torte because if the words sticky and chocolate don’t do anything for you then there’s something wrong. I also love dates. Just the day before I’d demolished a date and walnut flapjack for my lunch (I’ll eat healthier next week, I swear).

I don’t really know what I was expecting when it arrived but most vegan sweets I see look a little bit rustic if you get me? But this beauty looked amazing. A really deep cocoa colour, glossy chocolate, vegan honeycomb (?!), and it came with a decent amount of the chocolate and coconut gelato I mentioned earlier. Not to mention the delicious chocolate-y scent that was emitting from it. It had an excellent texture, very smooth but yielding, it didn’t fall apart when I put my spoon into it and it had a really nice nutty base to it which is made from hazelnuts and walnuts. The nuts added a nice crunchy texture and with the chocolate I felt like I was spooning a less sweet, richer nutella straight out of the jar. The ‘honeycomb’ pieces were a nice, sweet addition and it was all completed by the ice cool gelato on the side. It was honestly one of the best desserts I’ve tasted, non-vegan and vegan, and I will definitely will be devouring it again.

For those don’t have a dietary requirement, and therefore get a little bit more choice, Chris went for the Salted Caramel Chocolate Brownie. You can also get baked lemon cheesecakes, banana calzones, panna cotta, tiramisu and also a choice of gelatos. They do seasonal desserts (and starters and mains) too so keep an eye out for those. The brownie came beautifully presented and it smelt divine. Brownies can go terribly wrong if you don’t get the texture right but it looked gooey and came with giant white chocolate shavings and vanilla gelato on the side. Desserts were definitely the right decision!


Tap water for the table: free

Prosciutto Fresca Rustrica Pizza: £13.50 

Vegan Rustica Margherita with 3 toppings: £11.45

Vegan Sticky Chocolate & Date Torte: £5.95

Salted Caramel Chocolate Brownie: £6.50

Total: £37.40


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